Ever Tried to “Unthink” Something?

Since beginning my fitness journey over six years ago, family and friends have watched my successes, and failures, and the question I am most often asked is, “Where do I start?” I can’t tell you how many times I have excitedly responded to emails and messages with paragraphs upon paragraphs of websites to visit, recipes to try, fitness programs to follow, and tips I have learned throughout my journey.  Not once did I ever save those paragraphs and inevitably someone would email or message me a few days later with the same question!  Grrr… more writing!  A few months ago while pondering the “Where do I start?” question again, three words popped into my head: prayer, paleo and push ups.  I wasn’t trying to think of a name for a blog.  I didn’t even know I wanted to start a blog!  After repeating the words in my head a few times, I remember thinking that would be a cool name for a blog.  Wait, who said that?  Did I think that?  Was that my idea?  It had been “thought,” I couldn’t “unthink” it, UGH…big sigh…I felt a project being born.

I had been contemplating taking my life in a couple different directions and praying that the Lord would guide me.  I was thinking along the lines of massage therapy school or the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification, but in true “I’m the boss of you” fashion He had a totally different plan for me.  Don’t you just hate that?  (Sorry Emma; we’re not supposed to say hate in our house.)  I put the blog idea out there in facebook world, which I now have to laugh about. God:  You are going to start a blog called Prayer, Paleo, and Push ups.  Me:  Hmmm.  Sounds kinda interesting, let me ask my facebook friends and I’ll get back to ya’, okay?  God:  Seriously?

Has God ever told you something or given you an idea and that’s all you can think about? Well let me tell you, it stinks!  Especially when you don’t WANT to do it because you think you CAN’T do it.  He has so much faith in us, but we continue to have no faith in ourselves which really means we have no faith in Him.  Follow me?  Let me send out a little thank you to all my family and friends who pestered me, I mean continued to ask me, if I had started that blog yet over the last few months.  A couple of days after putting the blog idea on facebook I even had one friend tell me I needed to make t-shirts!  We CrossFitters love our tanks, don’t we Christy?

Where do you start? I wish someone would have told me where to start because it has taken me six years to figure out where to tell you where to start!  (Note to self…My Crazy Fitness Journey…idea for a blog post.)  It’s easy really: prayer, paleo, and push ups 🙂  I have no idea where this blog is going although today I thought a meal planning tab would be cool.  Really God?  You can stop now.  I want to share my faith by giving you a peek into my prayer life and studies; share my favorite paleo recipes and probably some really bad pictures of food unless my photography smitten daughter takes pity on me and decides to help; and share fitness programs, tips and ideas that have worked for me.  (Just because I LOVE CrossFit doesn’t mean that’s the only fitness program I believe in…and all the CrossFitters gasp!)  What else?  I have no idea!  All sarcasm aside, I am truly excited about all the wonderful, time consuming ideas God is giving me 🙂  Really, I am.  I pray that this blog is always Christ driven and He uses my hands as instruments for His work in this world.  I look forward to this journey and hope you will follow me as we pray, cook and move towards a Christ centered, healthier life!

Pray, Cook & Move,



11 thoughts on “Ever Tried to “Unthink” Something?

    • ConnieDuncan says:

      Don’t be spammin’ me! For some reason, the site marked your comment as spam 🙂 Haha! Thank you! Pray for me girl!

    • ConnieDuncan says:

      Thank you and this is partly your fault :/ This is a result of that last post you made on my fb timeline a couple weeks ago 🙂 Love you guys and keeping you both in my prayers.

  1. Laura A. says:

    What a blessing this blog will be, Connie! Thank you for allowing God to take over your driver seat for this journey. He always asks us to move juuuust a little more out of our comfort zone and you can share His love with so many through this avenue :-).

  2. Megan V says:

    I’m so excited to read prayer, paleo, & pushups!!! I need to freshen up in all of these areas and ALWAYS LOVE new tips 🙂 Now that I’m a working woman, I’m always packing my divided container with paleo filled snacks!! I always think “What was it that Connie always packs in her containers??” LOL! Love these first posts and can’t wait for more!

    • ConnieDuncan says:

      Megan! We miss your smiling face so much 🙁 but so glad you are doing well! Love me some snack boxes! I will probably end up doing a blog post on those too 😉 Keep up the good work…enjoy seeing pictures of you at your new box, but already jealous of the snow pictures 🙁 Miss you!

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